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Changing to LED illumination in TESCO and OBI signs: BEFORE - AFTER

Budapest Bank, sign letters with LED lighting

WestEnd, sign letters

TESCO, LED illuminated logo

Cinema poster, decorational line lights

SMR, sign letters with LED lighting

HUMANIC, plexiglas letters with LED lighting

IKEA, sign letters on store

Erste Bank, metal box letters with plexiglas front and LED lighting

Shopping center escalator, decorational armrests and entrance lights with LED lights

Auchan, store logo with LED illumination

OBI, LED illumination of store logos

LED illumination of garage and parking places

LED lighted sign letters

Best Byte, store interior with LED illuminators


Ideal solution seekers' LED Mathematics
24 / 02 / 2014

Which are the points to consider when a "well lighted" LED illuminated board is the need? How many LEDs need to be placed at a certain surface? What does it mean when a board is "over illuminated"? What are the dangers? What is the solution? ... Let's review together the factors that matter a lot while ordering or building a LED system. Further details at the 51-53. pages of Sign Magazin (2014, I. issue).

LED selection issues for advanced users
18 / 11 / 2013

We used to meet LEDs in different formats - but wondering which one is the best for us? The article series reviewing the basic technical aspects of the use of LEDs this time introduces the process of selecting the appropriate LED carrier. Take a look into this decision-making in this year's 5th edition of Sign Magazin at the 48-52. pages.

Change to LED illumination! ... but according to what features?
23 / 06 / 2013

Just to know about LED that it's small, light and economical is not enough nowadays - especially those who build in LED-technology and who order it should go deeper into the topic. Learn more about the criteria of the good LED-illuminated system. Read the first chapter of OXYGEN SMD's LED crash course in the March-April issue of Sign Magazin at the 47-50. page.

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